I can still remember the contours of the land as fifty or so teenage lads walked uphill one moonlit winter night somewhere near Ryde on the Isle of Wight. As a far from erudite fifteen year old I was astonished to be having such a ‘grown-up’ conversation with one of the young camp leaders. Probably only three years my senior – but ever so wise in my eyes – Steve was strongly advocating getting my attitude to giving sorted out now, well before I went to college or started earning.

The gist of Steve’s advice was ‘Give your tithe to God first and trust him with the rest’ – how amazing that a 35-year-old conversation has stayed with me with such clarity – and also amazing that it’s had such an impact on my actions.

I don’t know how God has spoken into your life about giving but I do recognise and give thanks that so many people have responded (and continue to respond) faithfully and generously to the recent call to action. Thank You – for helping God’s love and saving message to continue unhindered through the life of Elmwood Church.


Pastor David