From the title of this post, you would be forgiven for thinking that this year’s Youth Weekend Away included a bunch of Hobbits in Middle Earth!

The idea to use JRR Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, as a theme for the weekend was put forward by the young people themselves. The fabulous, mountainous countryside surrounding the new Cumbrian venue and the sunny weather were just a “coincidence”!

Around 40 leaders and young people from Elmwood, from ncounter, their friends and local churches went along.

There was masses of fun, oodles of chilling and six interactive teaching sessions led by Abe Watson from Mount Chapel and Kerry Connolly from Langworthy Community Church.

Both the leaders and the young people were touched by God through the teaching, and through the worship led by the Youth Band.

The extra day gave everyone more time to get closer to God. Several of the young people took the opportunity to explore more deeply into spiritual matters with their leaders. Six of them decided to follow Jesus for the 1st time.

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Thank you to everyone who provided the delicious cakes and biscuits and a huge thank you to Becca and her team of leaders for all their hard work in organising such a successful weekend.