Thank you to the very many who helped make the Royal Birthday Party so special last Sunday. It was also a treat to see the Oakley family back in the UK and to enjoy Dave’s messages at both services.

In the evening he spoke about Ambassadors Football and their deep desire to reach millions of people for Jesus through football – with the goal that people would come to a living faith in Jesus and begin to live lives of worship.

This week I participated in a cross church group that longs to see Christians across the North West equipped and released to be Ambassadors for Jesus wherever they are – in the workplace, at home, on the street, at the gym.

It was timely to have so recently heard that Ambassadors Football have a title that describes their calling (to be Ambassadors) and their speciality (Football) – but that these things serve a higher purpose still – to participate as God builds his Kingdom, a people who love and worship their Lord.

It’s a very clear reminder, that wherever we find ourselves during the week, our first calling is to love the Lord our God, our second to love our neighbour as ourself and to share the love of God and the message of hope with them.

Paul reminds the church in Corinth that they are ambassadors for the King of Kings, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5.20)

Yours, Pastor David