In our home groups we have been looking at Romans 12:1,2 where we are urged to offer our bodies as a ‘living sacrifice’ to God.

If we want to know what this looks like we have only to look at Jesus who “made Himself nothing” when He became a man (Philipians 2:7).

He emptied Himself of all that made Him God and became a human being like us who had to learn obedience, experience (and resist) temptation, do only what He saw the Father do and know only what the Father revealed.

The big difference was that He was indwelt by the Holy Spirit from conception and remained without sin. And to maintain His connection to the Father by the Holy Spirit, he had to get up ‘a great while before day’ to pray.

Finally, He sacrificed even this connection to His Father when He became “obedient to death” on the cross and was made sin for us. Forsaken by His Father He experienced the ultimate ’emptying’, far greater than anything required of us.

In view of all that, it seems a small thing to ask us to offer ourselves as He did in order to follow Him, especially as we know that His plan and will is “good, pleasing and perfect”, though it may differ from our plans!

But we need to adjust our minds from the worldly mind set of wanting to control our own lives and demanding what we consider to be our rights, to thinking of ourselves as belonging to God as slaves with no rights over our bodies or possessions.

Such an attitude is “holy and pleasing” to Him and is true worship.

Elizabeth Gough
Leadership Team