Pray for the Nation(s) – Extended Prayer Breakfast

by Web Team

July 9, 2016 8am – 11am at Elmwood

We are all invited to Elmwood’s special prayer breakfast which is longer than usual as we pray for the nation(s)

This is our church family’s response to the turmoil at this time as we gather to pray for:

  • our political and constitutional leaders;
  • all the actions necessary in the wake of the referendum;
  • the UK’s political parties;
  • political and economic stability (especially as the poor are always the most vulnerable during times of upheaval);
  • those fleeing oppression;
  • for good government;
  • and most importantly for the gospel of grace to be heard and received in every corner of the world.

Feel free to come even if you haven’t signed up for breakfast. On this occasion we will ensure there is plenty available.