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We will be opening up the amazing subject of prayer by journeying through the Bible looking at and learning from the prayers of people of faith in many different circumstances. As well as this we will be learning from the teachings of Jesus and Paul and also from the experience of Solomon in building the Temple as a place to meet with God. Our desire in doing this series is to see our prayer life develop and strengthen in our individual and corporate life together, that our eyes and ears may always be on Him and we may only say and do as the Father would say and do, so that we may see His Kingdom come in greater power in and through us all.

Part 1: The Lord's Prayer

by Tom Ward May 7, 2017 10:30am

Luke 11:1-13

“Lord, teach us to pray” was the request from the disciples to Jesus. Here Jesus unpacks prayer and shares a structure and His passion for prayer with those who asked Him.

Part 2: Hannah's Prayer

by Daniel Castro May 14, 2017 10:30am

1 Samuel 2:1-11

The prayer of a lady who has known heart break but now has seen her prayer, which came from her heart’s deepest desire, fully come into reality. This is a lady who walked by faith and not by sight.

Part 3: David’'s Prayer

by John Hampson May 21, 2017 10:30am

2 Samuel 7:18-29

A prayer of King David who has had a desire to build the Temple for the Lord but has been told by Nathan the prophet that it is his son who will build it. A prayer of submission to and celebration in God's will.

Part 4: Jonah’s Prayer

by Chick Yuill May 28, 2017 10:30am

Jonah 1:17-2:10

Prayers are often prayed in the depths of despair when we don't understand God's ways. But from deep within our very being comes the realization that Salvation comes from the Lord, and we cry out in prayer knowing He will hear us; this is the story of Jonah's prayer. A prayer of hope in the depths of despair.

Part 5: Hezekiah's Prayer

by Chick Yuill June 4, 2017 10:30am

2 Kings 19:15-19

A prayer of deliverance for a Nation from the threats and actions of other nations who seem bigger and stronger. It is a prayer of faith in the promises of God and a prayer of trust in Him.

Part 6: Jesus Prayer

by Mike Hall June 11, 2017 10:30am

John 17

A hearts cry of Jesus to His Father for Himself to be glorified, for protection for those the Father had given Him and for all the believers then and in the future. This prayer was prayed just before he was arrested and killed. This is a prayer for the unity and effectiveness of the Bride throughout all generations.

Part 7: The Believers Prayer

by Dave King June 18, 2017 10:30am

Acts 4:23-31

A prayer of the early Church for boldness and signs and wonders. A prayer that was answered to great effect. A prayer that had an immediate and long term outcome.

Part 8: A Prayer for the Ephesians

by Dave King June 25, 2017 10:30am

Ephesians 3:14-21

Paul's impassioned prayer for the Church at Ephesus; a prayer of depth, wisdom and grace. A prayer for the Church to come into its fullness in Him.

Part 9: Thanksgiving and Prayer

by John Hampson July 2, 2017 10:30am

Ephesians 1:15-22

Paul's pray here rings out in Thanksgiving for the Church in Ephesus and a passion for them that they would know God the Father and Jesus better through the Spirit of wisdom and Revelation. A prayer of thanksgiving and a desire for more of Him.

Part 10: The Dedication of the Temple

by Dave King July 9, 2017 10:30am

2 Chronicles 7:1-10

At the time of the dedication of the Temple the glory of the Lord fills the temple. God resides with His People and meets with them. God resides with His people.

Part 11: The Lord Appears to Solomon

by Dave King July 16, 2017 10:30am

2 Chronicles 7:11-22

The Lord speaks to Solomon. He makes promises and he also gives direction to the King about the right way to live. Prayer is a two way conversation.