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Image for Leaders and Followers

We will be looking at some key aspects and principles of leaders and followers and how when we walk together in unity under God’s direction amazing things happen in Him and through Him. (Where there is unity God commands a blessing. Psalm 133).

Part 1: Prayer: Words That Give Life

by Matt Pierce January 15, 2017 6:30pm

Ezekiel 37:1-12

Matt Pierce starts our series on Leaders and Followers and unpacks what it means when Ezekiel says 'the dry bones become as flesh'.

Part 2: Prayer: Words That Protect and Lead

by Dave King January 22, 2017 6:30pm

Mark 4:35-41

Dave King explains how prayer can protect and lead through the example of Jesus calming the storm

Part 3: God’'s Ways

by Dave King January 29, 2017 6:30pm

Joshua 5:13-6:5

When Joshua encounters the Lord before the fall of Jericho, we see how following God's instruction can seem counter intuitive, but provide extraordinary results.

Part 4: Covenant Life

by Leon Whyte February 5, 2017 6:30pm

2 Samuel 9

David shows God's kindness to Mephibosheth, as a descendent of Saul's; in memory of Jonathan.

Part 5: Godly Culture

by Dave King February 12, 2017 6:30pm

Galatians 5:13-26

Godly Culture comes from the fruit of the spirit, Dave King tackles what it means to live by the spirit and not by the law. We look at what is God's culture and how do we walk in, act in, and talk in the way of God's culture?

Part 6: Godly Wisdom

by Chick Yuill February 27, 2017 10:30am

1 Kings 3:16-28

Chick Yuill looks at the story of Solomon and the two mother's claim to a child.

Part 7: A Godly Heart

by Chick Yuill March 5, 2017 6:30pm

1 Samuel 16:1-13

"Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the Heart." Chick Yuill explains how Samuel listened to God in the choosing and anointing of David to be Saul's successor.

Part 8: Unity

by Dave King March 12, 2017 6:30pm

Acts 4:32-37

What does it mean to be unified? Dave King uses the Disciples sharing of possessions and goods to demonstrate a unified church.

Part 9: Dedication

by Dave King April 23, 2017 6:30pm

Romans 12

Dave King continues our series on Leaders and Followers and looks at Romans 12, where Paul urges us to be living sacrifices, Holy and pleasing to God.

Part 10: Holiness

by Derek Stringer April 30, 2017 6:30pm

1 Peter

Derek Stringer concludes our series on Leaders and Followers, looking to 1 Peter, and His instruction on Holiness.