This coming Sunday will be packed with Spanish flavour . . . at both services when two of our missionary families working in Spain return to Elmwood.

Morning Service
• Both the Castro and Burgos families will be with us.
• Daniel Castro will be the speaker.
• Ruth Burgos will give us a catch-up on David’s and her life and work in Barcelona.

Evening Service
• Daniel and Gail will give us a big update on their life and work in Madrid.

Even if you don’t usually come to the evening service, do think about coming this Sunday . . . we haven’t seen the Castro family for quite a while. They are one of Elmwood’s main missionary families and it will be good to hear about all they are doing with their church in Madrid.

Sunday Afternoon Open House with both families. If anyone would like to catch up with the Castro and Burgos families (or get to know them better), there will be open house with tea and cake at Maxine and Simon Wolstenholme’s from about 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Please do come, we will be glad to see you.

From Maxine and the Missions Team