Are you a leader or a follower?

If we take a little time to think about it, most of us will discover we are both. We may belong to a Homegroup that is led by someone else, but at the same time we may be a team leader at work or lead a family. You may be a follower in your paid work and also lead a church ministry.

The roles we have at the moment may be very different from those we will have in the future. Bear in mind that Nehemiah, the great leader we are currently considering in our Sunday morning ministry, described himself as a “ . . . cupbearer to the King,” which doesn’t sound like much of a leadership role.

We don’t necessarily choose whether we lead or follow in any given situation. What is important is that, whatever God calls us to, we do it with all our heart. Read Colossians chapter 10 verse 17 and think how it applies to you. I will.

Jill Baker
Leadership Team