This year I have been following the Lent course ’40 Acts’, with varying degrees of success. Some acts are harder than others! I’ve been challenged by one act in particular… the act of hospitality.

Martin and I have been hosting an Alpha group; inviting members of our church family into our home every week. The front room never looks tidier than the 10 minutes before everyone arrives, and as Alpha suggests, we’ve also been providing meals. In fact for me the hardest part of Alpha has been “What shall I cook?!”

At times offering hospitality has felt sacrificial, but it has also been rewarding – joyful, insightful and hilarious.

As part of our Church vision to grow Deeper, Closer and Further in our relationship with God, after Alpha finishes we would love more home groups to be created.

If you have been part of the Monday or Tuesday Alphas, or even one of the home based groups, would you consider opening your home to host your discussion group after Easter? It would be a sacrifice of time and space, but it would also help to deepen the relationships that have developed.

Or if you have enjoyed leading a group for the first time, would you like to continue to do this?

Although food is a big part of fellowship and, from time to time, of home groups too, thankfully it’s not a requirement post Alpha!

Martin and I have taken the plunge! After Easter we will open our home once again. We along with all the homegroups, will be doing the DVD based small group series ‘Whole Life Worship’ from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC).

If you would like to discuss hosting or leading a home group in the future, please talk to myself or John Elton – our home group coordinator.

Rebecca Kelly
Leadership Team & Chair of the Alpha Logistics Team