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“The HIGHER Tour will be the biggest mission to young people in the UK for a generation.” The Message Trust

In January this year Jamie Hills spoke at Elmwood on a Sunday morning. Now it’s finally here and happening.

The Higher Tour are coming to Elmwood on Friday evening, 11th March for a joint event for Dare2, Impact, ncounter and TNT. They will come with a Message band who will perform and share the gospel (for no fee!).

The following Friday all four groups will head to the Apollo for the Higher Tour itself. A minibus will leave Elmwood at about 6pm; returning about 10pm. Cost: £10 (ticket & transport)

Both events are open to anyone aged 11-18 (years 7-13) whether you come on a Sunday or not, go to a different church, or want to bring your friends. For the Apollo event please see Becca soon as tickets need to be purchased in advance.