Last Sunday I spoke on the topic of spiritual growth. We should all expect to grow in our faith and the church should be a key contributor to that growth. If someone placed a baby photo of me in front of you and asked you to guess who it depicted, you would probably really struggle to identify me. I look so different over fifty years later.

When we became Christians we were born again. How different are we from the people we were when we first put our faith in Christ? Are the changes clear to see? Have we majorly matured in our faith? If not, then something has gone terribly wrong.

As we mature we often have people telling us we look more and more like our Mum or Dad every day. Maybe it is a key feature or a mannerism we share.

This is a wonderful reminder that as we spend quality time in God’s presence – speaking to Him, studying His Word, and worshipping Him, we should expect to be transformed more and more into his glorious image (see 2 Corinthians 3:18). Do we resemble our wonderful heavenly Father? Can Christ be seen in us? Are we channels for the work of His Spirit?

A photograph of Chris Mellor

Chris Mellor
Senior Leader