Do you worry about your carbon footprint?

During the summer, I was sitting in an airport lounge. While waiting for the flight, I learned from a poster on the wall that the airport had planted over 2,000 trees on its grounds in a bid to offset its carbon footprint. The green leaves of trees are wonderful air purifiers, converting unwanted carbon dioxide through their pores into fresh, life-giving oxygen.

As God’s people, each of us is planted in different place during our daily lives, places in need of His life-giving love and message of hope.

Let’s seek to be His green leaves, agents of renewal in the situations we face and with the people we meet.

Of course, in the foliage of a tree, there is not just one leaf but many leaves; and not only one tree but many trees in woods and forests around the world. In the same way, together as His church we can impact our local and global communities with the renewing power of His Kingdom love.

Richard Bryce