When Neil Hudson met with Homegroup Leaders and members of the Pastoral Visiting and Prayer Team, he defined a disciple as:

‘Someone who is learning to live the way of Jesus in their situation at this moment.’

This doesn’t just ‘happen’ as we sit and listen, but requires us to be in relationship with God and others as we learn together how to respond to our changing circumstances.

Some research done in the UK* found that, of those who were part of church small groups:

  • 77% were more confident in their faith
  • 76% were more able to connect their faith and everyday life.
  • 72% were more accepting and forgiving of others
  • 79% said it had strengthened their prayer life
  • 68% said it had given them more confidence in speaking about their faith
  • 87% said the group had brought them closer to God

In homegroups we want to learn to disciple one another as we wrestle with issues in our daily lives and relationships, seeking to see God at work in unexpected places and ways. Join us as we seek together to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth Gough
Leadership Team


*Roger Walton
in ‘Disciples Together’