Proverbs 22:6 says,
‘Start a child in the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.’

This is a well-known passage that got me thinking about the role we play in developing and guiding the youngsters around us. There is another saying that we might have heard or even said ourselves, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.

Considering these two sayings, how do our lives influence others around us? Are we teaching a life and living a lifestyle that reflects Christ in all we say and do? Do our actions speak louder than words? Do our actions even match up to our words?

The parents (and grandparents) among us will understand the desire for our children to grow up in the ways of our Lord Jesus. But in reality we all have free choice and none of us know sowhat the future holds. I believe that if we live a life that tries to reflect Jesus in everything we say and do, then this will certainly go a long way towards helping our children and loved ones to make the right choices in their lives.

Let us pray daily for all our Elmwood children and encourage them in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Photograph of Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce
Youth and Children’s Pastor