Last week our family was caught up in the fringes of the attempted coup in Turkey – not knowing as we went to sleep on Friday night whether our much anticipated Saturday flight to Izmir would even take off, or if it did, whether we’d be safe at the destination. In the end both worked out fine and thankfully the FCO advice hadn’t made it feel irresponsible to proceed as planned.

The phrase ‘coup de grace’ can be defined as ‘a decisive action to end suffering’ – and while the motivations behind Turkey’s attempted coup and the response are still being debated, there is no ambiguity surrounding Christ’s ultimate coup de grace – when by his death and resurrection he triumphed over sin, Satan and death itself.

Calvary was the decisive action in history, one which continues to free people from the suffering that their sinfulness otherwise merits. Those who follow Christ live on the victory side after the one coup in human history which can never be reversed, undermined or overturned.

Whatever we face, we can be certain that a life surrendered to Christ is utterly safe in the arms of “the good shepherd [who] lays down His life for the sheep.” (John 10.11)

Thank you Lord.

Pastor David