On 11th June Elmwood’s Youth Outreach Team Leader, Becca will fly out to Maine, USA to work at the summer camp, Oceanwood Park. 

The trip will be a ‘working’ sabbatical following several full-on years of voluntary and funded work with Elmwood’s youth and Salford teenagers. 

As well as having fun, Becca will take on a full time, paid role leading groups of 8-10 year olds at this recommended Christian camp. While she’s away Adele and Shona will be leading ncounter & TNT. 

Becca hopes to learn new skills and, later in August, return with helpful ideas and good practice to share with Elmwood’s Youth Team. 

For the last 2 years we have been blessed to have Becca on the youth team because individuals in the fellowship have funded her role which is a crucial part of Elmwood’s outreach to 11-18’s. 

The funding runs out in the autumn. If you would consider supporting Becca with a monthly gift for 12 months, however small, it would help to ensure her role can continue into 2016. If you would like to do this, please see our Treasurer, David McCormick.