I wonder if you enjoy nature programmes? I have been watching a wonderful series called ‘Secrets of Our Living Planet’ in which Chris Packham has been exploring the amazing networks of interdependence in the natural world. From fungi to lynx, from ants to giraffes, all living things rely on one another in surprising ways for their health and survival.

We can see the disastrous results if just one part of this delicate network is removed or damaged in the destruction of parts of the Great Barrier Reef, the creation of barren wastelands by the cutting down of great swathes of rain forest, and the stripping of wildlife from huge tracts of land in Australia by the introduction of the domestic cat.

So, if every plant and every creature is dependent on others, we shouldn’t be surprised that the God who created this wonderful symbiosis, has also designed us to be in relationships of mutual support and dependence, and the Church is where this should be most evident.

Every one of us has an important part to play, and whether we are an ‘ant’ or an ‘elephant’, a ‘wallflower’ or a ‘whale’, our role is vital to the health of Elmwood. Ask God to show you where and how He wants you to serve as part of His body, the Church.

“There, in the presence of the Lord your God, you……shall rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the Lord your God has blessed you.” Deuteronomy 12:7

Elizabeth Gough
Leadership Team