Having looked for ways to reach out to our local community, our Ellesmere Park homegroup has had contact with, and given practical help to Lancaster House, a local hostel for homeless men on Lancaster Road.

Apart from having practical needs the residents are socially isolated. While on the streets they have largely been ‘invisible’ and lost confidence in ordinary social situations. The staff encourage them at their own pace back into the everyday life we take for granted.

We decided to invite a small group of residents for an evening of basketball, board games, table tennis, pizza and chat. The Urmston homegroup caught the vision and joined us. Together we welcomed 10 guests.

A little reticent at first they soon settled in and before long there was a riotous international game of what passed for basketball while others enjoyed the activities in the foyer. The groups mixed well and together enjoyed fun, conversation and food.

Several guests said they had enjoyed themselves and announced they would be back next week! At present we cannot commit to that frequency, but we hope to do this again in July and then September and see where the Lord leads from there.