The Marriage Course is a unique and practical seven-week course – starting on Thursday 23 April at 7.30pm. Couples who’ve been together for just a year, or for several decades, will have a rare, safe and structured opportunity to discuss some of the key areas of marriage – money, communication, forgiveness, in-laws and sex.

The course provides practical tools to help any couple strengthen their relationship (with no group discussion) – each couple has their own private conversation!

Heather and I loved doing the course as guests and the sessions on communication and love in action have been particularly significant for us. It’s a great investment of time and we’re looking forward to the refresher.

The course is strongly based on Christian biblical principles, and its practical tools are applicable to all couples – so do please consider inviting friends along.

Each evening, guests will be invited to gift around £5 towards the cost of the meal. However, please don’t let cost prevent you attending – ‘bursaries’ are available.

More information is at

Anyone interested in attending the course can register for just £5 per couple (which includes a course manual for each person) by completing the brief Registration Form available from the Reception Desk.

Pastor David