“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. But I with a song of thanksgiving, will sacrifice to You.”  Jonah 2:8,9

Last week we were looking at the story of Jonah in the Holiday Bible Club where the children learned these key verses. Amazingly, Jonah spoke from the depths of the smelly, slimy, pitch dark of the fish’s belly. He said them when he understood that it was God’s grace that had put him there rather than let him drown, despite his disobedience. Yet, a few days later, he was furious that God showed similar mercy towards the Ninevites.

By allowing something else to take priority, whether pride, resentment or hate, however well justified such feelings may have been, he missed the joy that he could have experienced at being a means of God’s grace to them.

So, instead of that ‘song of thanksgiving’, Jonah sulked and complained! An idol is anything that we allow to come before our love and obedience to God. Today what could stop us from enjoying God’s grace?

Elizabeth Gough
Leadership Team