We’re currently in the ‘waiting time’ between Easter and Pentecost and I’m reminded that God’s response to the fundamental question of human existence is reflected in each of the Christian holy days.

At Christmas we remember the coming of Immanuel, literally ‘God with Us’. Then in the death and resurrection of Christ at Easter we see the depths that this ‘God with Us’ was willing to endure in order to secure forgiveness and new-life; and in a few weeks time on Pentecost Sunday (May 24th) we will celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit, and his on-going presence and power in the life of every believer.

All this motivates and enables Christians to love and serve God in worship and mission – but it can also be a powerful consolation in difficult times. Be encouraged that whatever you are facing at work or at home, or even secretly – you are not alone.

The God who forgives and blesses those who follow him as Lord is only a prayer away – and is able to redeem any situation, however hopeless we feel about them, even the messes that are often of our own making. He walks close by – ready to carry you when necessary.

So please be wise – reach out today and ask for help from the ever-present God of whom the Psalmist could declare with confidence and gratitude “though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life…with your right hand you save me.” (Psalm 138.7)