This week we’ve discovered a U.S church using the same title as Elmwood for their current Sunday teaching series. They are looking at the idea of Grace while we’re exploring the truth that God always makes the first move, takes the first step to help men and women across the gap that separates us from Him.

It’s a divide caused by our sin, a divide that we cannot bridge but which God can and does – by allowing, asking, his son Jesus to take the punishment our sinfulness deserves onto himself. At God’s initiative and at Christ’s expense men and women, boys and girls, can ask for forgiveness and cross the divide to be re-united with their Creator.

It strikes me that there is much in the Bible that feels Too Good to be True – God making the first move, Jesus forgiving his closest friends for their repeated abandonment, Jesus including you and I in his prayers for the future of mankind, Jesus preparing a heavenly reward for us, Jesus including us in his plans to change and redeem the world, Jesus welcoming new Christians into a worldwide family. (We have billions of brothers and sisters!)

The list of Too Good to be True’s goes on and on – so let’s set out into 2015 with thankfulness towards a God who always takes the first step to get things rolling.

Pastor David