Mornings – Wisdom for Life

(from the book of Proverbs)

Having spent the early part of the year looking at what it means to be a healthily functioning church body, last Sunday we began our series in Proverbs, examining what a good Christian life looks like for the individual.

We live and believe in an age of accelerating technological advances, which, coupled with the erosion of confidence in (or even desire for) truth and integrity, requires greater discernment from believers than from any previous generation.

In the book of Proverbs writers explore many of the questions we face today with a wisdom that is timeless. These include:

– how to choose which path to take;

– how to speak in ways that enhance rather than diminish life;

– how to avoid laziness;

– what is a right attitude to wealth; and

– how to appropriately plan for the future while remaining full of faith in God’s provision.


Evenings – We Believe

(from Elmwood’s Statement of Faith)

We will explore in more depth the articles from our Statement of Faith that were touched on at the outset of the Kingdom Flourishing Church series.

These are the central tenets of belief for evangelical Christians and are held in common with our brothers and sisters here in the UK and around the globe.


Yours, Pastor David