What does the word ‘church’ bring to mind?

Some will think of a building, others of the group of people who meet in it to sing and pray.

However the New Testament has a much richer picture in mind. When Paul writes to churches the best comparison to draw is with a letter to a much loved family member.

The church is a family that spans generations, genders, continents and even millennia. A family that can be incredibly loving and maddeningly wayward – often on the same day!

A few days ago I visited a website for a church who describe themselves as a ‘motley crew’ – what a wonderful and apt description. Because we don’t always get things right, don’t always treat one another with the dignity we deserve – remember that during your day you meet many children of God, bought back from the effects of sin at a terrible price – so have a little (or rather a lot of) respect!

I love the church in all it’s ‘splendid imperfection’.

Splendidly imperfect but moving together in the right direction on a journey to become more like Jesus. Sometimes it’s a bumpy road – but it’s also the most satisfying trip you could dream of. On the windows by the car park doors of our church there is an aspirational message – that we become ‘a place of grace’. Please be a part of this.

As Easter draws near, with it’s timely reminders of the cost to Jesus and of the world changing victory he won – do join us on the journey. Discover forgiveness and the positive impact Jesus can have at home and at work.

With much love,

Pastor David