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We will be opening up the amazing subject of prayer by journeying through the Bible looking at and learning from the prayers of people of faith in many different circumstances. As well as this we will be learning from the teachings of Jesus and Paul and also from the experience of Solomon in building the Temple as a place to meet with God. Our desire in doing this series is to see our prayer life develop and strengthen in our individual and corporate life together, that our eyes and ears may always be on Him and we may only say and do as the Father would say and do, so that we may see His Kingdom come in greater power in and through us all.

The book of Psalms is a collection of prayers and songs. These prayers are honest and to the point; they are very real to life, nothing is glossed over in the situations the writers are facing. At the same time they resound with the worship and adoration of God and the strong faith that God is here with us

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Image of Psalm 61 - God’s Eternal Protection

"Psalm 61 - God’s Eternal Protection"

Image of The Lord Appears to Solomon

"The Lord Appears to Solomon"

Image of Psalm 51 - Prayer of Repentance

"Psalm 51 - Prayer of Repentance"

Image of The Dedication of the Temple

"The Dedication of the Temple"

Image of Psalm 48 - Gods Glory in Zion

"Psalm 48 - Gods Glory in Zion"

Image of Thanksgiving and Prayer

"Thanksgiving and Prayer"

Image of Psalm 47 - Praises to our God

"Psalm 47 - Praises to our God"

Image of A Prayer for the Ephesians

"A Prayer for the Ephesians"

Image of Psalm 40 - Persevering Prayers of Faith

"Psalm 40 - Persevering Prayers of Faith"

Image of The Believers Prayer

"The Believers Prayer"

Image of Psalm 33 - The Sovereignty of the Lord

"Psalm 33 - The Sovereignty of the Lord"

Image of Jesus Prayer

"Jesus Prayer"


Image of 2016 One Offs

2016 One Offs

Image of Leaders and Followers

Leaders and Followers

Image of Nehemiah


Image of Prayer in the Bible

Prayer in the Bible

Image of Prayer Through the Psalms

Prayer Through the Psalms

Image of Realities of the Spirit

Realities of the Spirit

Image of Suffering



Image of 2016 One Offs

2016 One Offs

Image of Esther - A Story of Hope

Esther - A Story of Hope

Image of Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Image of HeartCry


Image of Kingdom Flourishing Church

Kingdom Flourishing Church

Image of Proverbs - Wisdom for Life

Proverbs - Wisdom for Life

Image of We Believe

We Believe


Image of 2015 One Offs

2015 One Offs

Image of Christmas in Context

Christmas in Context

Image of Christmas Starts Here

Christmas Starts Here

Image of Elmwood @ Home

Elmwood @ Home

Image of God's Love

God's Love

Image of Life in Christ

Life in Christ

Image of Love in Action

Love in Action

Image of Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True

Image of Vision and Values

Vision and Values


Image of A Man after God's Own Heart

A Man after God's Own Heart

Image of Dear Church

Dear Church

Image of Disciple


Image of Life Verses

Life Verses

Image of Moving on to Another Level with God

Moving on to Another Level with God

Image of One Offs 2014

One Offs 2014

Image of Shocking Statements of Jesus

Shocking Statements of Jesus

Image of The Gift

The Gift