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Marriage Course Starts

by Web Team

The Marriage Course, run by Joy and Mike Wanless, starts on Monday 24th April at 7pm. Your last chance to book onto the course £5 to register. Sessions are free, but donations received towards the meal.

Rejoicing Comes In The Morning

by Web Team

Those who loved Jesus must have found it very difficult coming to terms with His death. They didn’t really comprehend what was to come and what that would mean for them and the rest of humanity. They were in mourning – it was real and it was raw. For a time, they could not see […]

Become a Salford Street Pastor!

by Web Team

Street pastors are trained, local church volunteers who offer practical help where they can. At the request of local police we are in the process of setting up patrols in Central Salford. They would be out in the afternoon to early evening, to care for, listen to and help people out on the streets. And […]

Go and make Disciples

by Web Team

When Neil Hudson met with Homegroup Leaders and members of the Pastoral Visiting and Prayer Team, he defined a disciple as: ‘Someone who is learning to live the way of Jesus in their situation at this moment.’ This doesn’t just ‘happen’ as we sit and listen, but requires us to be in relationship with God […]