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Summertime …

by Web Team

The summer is here and I trust that everyone is enjoying the sunshine. Please remember to put on your sun cream! This past school year has gone really quickly and it has had its ups and downs, but the one constant has been God’s leading and guiding. We are going through a period of change […]

Summer Sundays @ Elmwood

by Web Team

Over the school holiday period, many of our regular Sunday Morning ministries take a well earned break.  Our Music and PA team serve the church each and every Sunday morning and evening and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who enable us to sing songs and hear the messages.  Sunday […]

What Are You Rooted In?

by Web Team

As I stare out of my window I can see a huge oak tree in my neighbour’s garden. Its roots are unseen, but they will run long and deep to be able to grow to the size it has. The Leadership Team and Trustees have been thinking a lot about trees lately and what we […]

Elmwood Lifeline

by Web Team

A friend I met at Elmwood’s Toddler group told me why she decided to go on our Alpha Course. “I just love what Elmwood do for families here” she said. “As a mum, Elmwood is my lifeline.” As a fellow mum, I completely concur! Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we sometimes forget […]

Let us pray

by Web Team

Earlier this week I heard someone on the radio say that prayer is a declaration of our weakness. When we pray we come to our Heavenly Father for all sorts of reasons, but it’s in the knowledge that we are weak and He is strong, we understand very little and He knows everything. Many people […]