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Elmwood Lifeline

by Web Team

A friend I met at Elmwood’s Toddler group told me why she decided to go on our Alpha Course. “I just love what Elmwood do for families here” she said. “As a mum, Elmwood is my lifeline.” As a fellow mum, I completely concur! Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we sometimes forget […]

Let us pray

by Web Team

Earlier this week I heard someone on the radio say that prayer is a declaration of our weakness. When we pray we come to our Heavenly Father for all sorts of reasons, but it’s in the knowledge that we are weak and He is strong, we understand very little and He knows everything. Many people […]

Alpha & Beta launch

by Web Team

Last week Mike Hall and his team launched the Beta Course for the participants of the last Alpha. Please uphold their seven week course in your prayers while also remembering those who are not able to attend Beta. The new Alpha Course run by Janet MacAdam and her team, started on Thursday evening. Nine guests tried […]

Childlike Faith

by Web Team

The prayer study I was reading recently focused on faith and the idea that when we ask God in faith we will receive what we ask for. The author mentioned how we need to become like children and have the sort of faith they have. As Youth and Children’s Pastor, I get to spend lots […]

Running The Race

by Web Team

My mobile phone is so clever that if I take it when I go running, it will record the exact path I took. I can even view this path overlaid on a map of Salford. Imagine if each of us recorded our movements in this way every day. By the end of the week, what […]