My wife Heather is an old romantic who cherishes some of the Hollywood musicals from the 50’s. Her favourite song from this period is “I’ll walk with God” from The Student Prince, where the young royal stands at the high altar and sings his heart out – as his commitment to a life lived for God.

On May 22nd we will devote our worship service to ‘My Walk with God’, as we examine and encourage the many ways we can stay close to God and be aware of his presence day by day. Do you follow the classic pattern of daily bible reading and prayer? And what printed or digital resources are most helpful? Do you walk and pray? Or prayerfully read Christian books? Does music or art or creation help you connect with the Saviour? Do you pray or be silent alone or with others? Perhaps you meditate on God’s word? Or is there a particular book that has helped you grow close? Are there other Christian disciplines you follow? How would you answer the question: “What most encourages my walk with God?”

Do get in touch soon if you’d be willing to contribute a brief answer during the service on May 22nd – it may well be that what helps you today will help others tomorrow. And please let me know if there is a resource that you value highly, so that I can ask the CLC bookshop to bring some copies with them on the 22nd.

Yours, Pastor David