If you’ve ever written regularly as an adult or if your school-day memories haven’t yet faded, you may remember that sometimes writing simply flows and that at other times it has to be dragged out of you. The latter of these is my current experience as I reflect with sadness on Chris’s impending departure at the end of the summer.

Yet, I recently heard a speaker on a Spring Harvest recording parody his own foolishness in this regard. Reflecting that part of the majesty of God’s kingdom is the limitlessness of His Resources. The speaker, from a large church in South Manchester mused that “It’s not as if, were I to leave, God would be wandering around aimlessly, muttering, ‘Oh no, what will I do now.’”

The flip side of this of course, is that there is no safer place to be than in God’s hands – whether that’s our church fellowship; or our lives as individuals and families. We can look forward to what God has in store – certain in the knowledge that Our God Reigns.
For more please see Matthew 6.25-34 .

Pastor David