Elmwood Church is exploring the jaw-dropping love of God at our evening services this month and on the first two Sunday mornings in July.

Did you realise that among the many characteristics of God, only ‘love’ is described in this bold way – ‘God is…love’ (1 John 4 verse 8). John is declaring that the essential character of God, the very core of God – is love.

And humankind, made in God’s image, are thereby made to form loving relationships. Hostility, indifference, coldness, unkindness – these only came on the scene after humanity had decided to act selfishly, sinfully – we are designed to enjoy loving relationships with God and with each other – and that’s what we will explore Sunday by Sunday over the coming weeks. How can I appreciate the magnitude of God’s love for me? And carry that love with me to share with others throughout the week?


Pastor David