The Archbishop of Canterbury recently said that as Christians “we believe we are called to break down barriers, to welcome the stranger and love them as ourselves (Leviticus 19:34), and to seek the peace and justice of our God, in our world, today.”

What we’ve seen in recent weeks is not new, but the refugee exodus (towards Western Europe) is gaining momentum and it is being better communicated and perhaps, better understood.

In Syria alone over four million people are classed as refugees, and across the world that number is 60 million. 60 million displaced people – all fleeing horror and searching for safety.

The director of the Evangelical Alliance wrote that “My hope and prayer is that the Church will lead the way in modeling a generous and compassionate approach.” And to do this in the face of the complexity and sometimes ambiguity within the crisis. So please pray for compassion and wisdom both for those in authority and for ourselves as individual Christ-followers.

Please visit Evangelical Alliance or Barnabus Fund or many other sites for helpful ways to pray and practical ways to respond.

Lord, give us a heart of compassion.
Pastor David