At the last Member’s Meeting I had the privilege of introducing Elmwood’s Vision and our particular focus up to Summer 2016.

As we’ve prayed and spent time in conversation with many people, the Leadership Team have become increasingly aware of Elmwood’s long held desire to be better connected with and better able to support and bless – the local community.

Moving on in this area will be our particular focus over 2015 and 16 – but there are five key words within the Vision.

DISCIPLE – Grow as disciples of Jesus. Encouraging one another on the Christian journey, recognising the significance of the daily walk, regularly spending time with Jesus.

ENCOURAGE – Encourage one another. Rooting for and praying for each other –
treating Christian brothers and sisters with respect, kindness and generosity. For a fuller picture please search your bible for the ‘one another’ sayings of Paul, James, Peter and John!

SURRENDER – Expect God’s activity as livesare surrendered. Developing a sense of expectancy at our Sunday services and in our daily walk. Expecting and inviting God to speak and act in our situation – that he will bless us and make good use of the gifts he has given us – as we surrender to him.

MISSION – Participate in reaching those He is calling. Christians are called to help in God’s plan to redeem the world and to build the Kingdom that Christ initiated. Our place within this, our ‘mission field’, is a moving target – going wherever we go, because it’s comprised of the people and organisations we interact with day by day at home, work and play. We want to join in with what God is doing – co-operating with the Holy Spirit, partnering with one another, with local churches and with our missionaries.

COMMUNITY – Discover new ways to bless our community. This is our particular focus for 2015/16. Finding imaginative ways to bless and serve our local community in the name of Christ.

Local Councillors when invited to a recent Friday Coffee morning were highly impressed by (and very thankful for!) all that already happens through Elmwood. When pressed they identified ‘health and well-being’ and ‘youth provision’ as two areas where they see a widening gap between what the neighbourhood needs and what the council can provide within an ever tightening budget.

Please consider and pray about which of these five areas God may be calling you to focus on. Perhaps use this article as the basis for a discussion with your family, homegroup or ministry team. And if there’s a God-calling you want to explore – do come and share that with one of the Leadership Team.

Pastor David