Lent starts on Wednesday, February 18th. 40 Acts is a great initiative orchestrated by the Christian charity, Stewardship. Our Young People have already committed to 40 Acts and I’m very hopeful that Elmwood folk of all ages will leap at the chance to join in.

It encourages people to Do Lent Generously – giving to others instead of giving things up. Ang Hopper will tell us more during the next two morning services, and 40 Acts will also be the featured theme at the evening service on February 8th.

Ang writes that “The challenge is to do an act of kindness or generosity each day during Lent – like making cakes and handing them out to neighbours or even strangers! Being generous on purpose – with our time, our actions and our words.

“It’s such a simple idea – to look for God given opportunities to be kind to others, put others first and make a difference to someone’s day in a small way.”

It’s also an idea to share with friends who don’t yet go to church – and something that families can enjoy doing together. I’m just beginning to learn about 40 Acts – and I can’t wait to get started – so roll on February 18th!

Lots more information and resources can be found at 40acts.org.uk Please be patient though – the website seems to be creaking under the sheer volume of visitors!!!

Pastor David