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Baptism Service

by Web Team

If you would like to be baptised, please see David Fowler or one of the leaders by Sunday 20th March. The Baptism is proposed for Easter Sunday 27th March.

Would you like to be baptised on Easter Sunday? March 27th

by Web Team

Jesus asks all those who follow him to be baptised – as a public demonstration of what  God has already done when they accepted him as Lord – they are now forgiven by and reconnected with God their Creator, and live a life that is empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. In the act of baptism […]

Easter Day – the axis of history

by Web Team

You are very welcome to join us as we celebrate the greatest day in history – the day that eternity revolves around. For most of the last two millennia Christians have greeted each other on Easter morning with these words… ‘Christ is risen’ ‘He is risen indeed. Alleluia!’ The message of these eight words is […]