I wonder whether you’ve had an opportunity to begin working through the Vision to Action materials? (Copies are available at Reception or by the auditorium doors.)

Vision to Action gives each of us a chance to think and pray about how we are being called to Love, Learn, Serve and Reach – whether individually, as families, or as teams and homegroups.

I was so encouraged to hear last Sunday about how the Trustees are putting LOVE into action – both for one another on the Trustee team and towards those of us in the wider church.

In their turn, the Leadership Team are meeting the week after next to pray and talk about our first responses.

Re-reading some of Paul’s words from many of his letters to the early churches, it’s very clear that learning how to love one another was an ever-present need – so it seems very appropriate that this is the first thing that many will focus on.

Personally, I’ve been struck by the call to LEARN to obey, and more specifically to regularly write down the things God reveals in daily quiet times and to review weekly my level of obedience to his revelation!

Wherever God leads you or your group as you spend time with Him – may He bless your willingness to explore His purposes and may He bless his world through you as you try to heed his call.


Pastor David