Sunday 20th November

dh-fowlerAre you ready for baptism?

Jesus asks all those who follow him to be baptised as a public response to God’s kindness when they asked for his forgiveness and invited Jesus to be their Lord.

In baptism … the follower of Jesus identifies themself with the death, life and resurrection of their Lord. And they publicly acknowledge the desire to live their new life in Christ in a way that pleases God – even when that involves costly choices.

The gospel of Matthew tells us that Jesus commanded his closest friends to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Therefore those who love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ but who have not yet been baptised are clearly called to baptism.

If you are feeling prompted in even a gentle way, please talk today, either to me or to another church leader – and be sure to take home one of the helpful blue ‘Baptism’ booklets available at Reception. Expressing an interest now DOESN’T mean you are obliged to be baptised this November – but it does provide an opportunity to begin a very significant conversation.

The day will also mark our family’s farewell to Elmwood and the service will be followed by a very special church family lunch – so please be sure to be there!

Pastor David