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Light Party puts Jesus in the Spotlight!

by Children and Youth

Over 70 children from Elmwood & other local churches enjoyed a fantastic Light Party on 31 October. The children had loads of fun, enjoying a variety of light themed activities: biscuit decorating, crafts, games & a crazy quiz to name a few, and learning about Jesus, the light of the world, along the way. The […]

EYC News – Get Sticky!

by Children and Youth

This week find out …. how to encourage sticky faith in our children & young people, what’s been happening in Playgroup and The Space Academy, landing 18 – 21 Augusts for children aged 5-10 years. How? Subscribe to:

What do you Fear?

by Children and Youth

Fear is something that all of us will experience at some time or another.  Sometimes fear can be a good thing as it stops us doing something that could lead us in to trouble or stop us from getting hurt. Sometimes though, fear can stops us from doing things we’re good at or being the […]

EYC News – Get Encouraging!

by Children and Youth

Get Encouraging! Dave Oakley spoke about being an encouraging church on Sunday and it got me thinking. It is so easy sometimes to find fault, pick holes and see mistakes first rather than see the good, the positive and be encouraging. I cannot overstate the difference it makes when someone sends an encouraging text, or […]

EYC News – Keeping Promises

by Children and Youth

This week find out …. about the HIGHER Tour, why the Youth Outreach Team leader is heading West & how ANCHORS are making friends! How? Subscribe to:  

Anchors – ship shape and ready to go!

by Children and Youth

Anchors – the new club for 5-7’s – was launched on Wednesday 29 April. The hour flew past as the children got to meet the team (see below), played some crazy games, did some creative crafts and looked at the theme for the night “Keeping Promises”. Quite a few Parents & Carers stayed for the optional […]