What happens on Alpha?

We are starting a whole church discipleship course, using the Alpha course as our basis we start on Sunday 28th January and finishes on 19th March.

You can take part by joining one of our traditional Alpha courses on Monday afternoon or Thursday evenings or join one of our home group, who are also following the course.  It consists of:

  • A meal
    Enjoy a hot meal and get to know others on the Alpha Course.
  • A film – recently created for this course
    Every evening a key topic is presented such as ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘How can I make the most of the rest of my life?’
  • Coffee and discussion
    Share your views or ask anything you like.

No question or topic is too simple or too serious. Contribute if you like or just listen. Try one evening and then decide whether to come for the whole course.

How to book onto the first evening:

Email: alpha@elmwoodchurch.org.uk
Phone: 0161 281 4545