Alpha returns to Elmwood later this month. We will be using the DVD format, but will be showing the new, shorter talks given by an alternative speaker. We will also be offering a buffet style meal in an informal cafe format. Of course the trademark Alpha Course content will remain the same, along with the friendly discussion.

Over the last 5 years more than 60 seekers have taken our Alpha Courses. Many have gone on to join our own or another local church. Most of them came because a friend invited them. And that’s where we can all take a part in Elmwood’s Alpha.

There are lots of ways to ask people to come along with you. Give a flyer like Sally Prentice or send emails or texts like Marie Bracegirdle. Alternatively, like Luke Twigden, search for Alpha at Elmwood Church on Facebook, join and just start inviting your friends.

To find out more on Sundays, go to the Alpha Desk in the foyer and one of the team will be happy to tell you more.