Over the last three weeks all roads seem to have led me towards John’s gospel and in particular the introduction to Chapter 1 where John reminds us forcefully that the infant Jesus is also our Creator and that he has existed for eternity.

The very idea that the most powerful being in the universe, indeed the one who ‘made the starry skies’ was found lying in a manger, vulnerable, and dependent on his young parents (Mary was probably a teenager) is startling.

What made this extraordinary humbling of God necessary? What made it worthwhile? The angel choir knew and rejoiced…

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests.”

God came down at Christmas to offer peace to men and women – because he loves them, he loves you, his favour rests on you. The peace came at a price, the death of the man-who-was-God who was born in Bethlehem on the day the angels sang.

Thank you for being part of Christmas at Elmwood. Do take time this Christmas to read the story for yourself and to consider how you as an individual will respond to Jesus.

Have a very blessed Christmas,
Pastor David