All people of every age are welcome at Elmwood because God’s invitation to receive forgiveness and eternal life is for the whole world.

This autumn we have a great opportunity to invite others along, in fact to begin to grow a culture of invitation over the course of five very special invitational services.

Please make a note of the five dates . . .
September 27th – Back to Church Sunday
October 11th – Harvest
November 8th – Remembrance Sunday
November 29th – Advent Starts
December 20th – Carols by Candlelight

Invitations to pass on to others will be available for each of these special services.

However old or young you are and whether you live near or far, please consider and pray today about who you will invite on September 27th – make the invitation this week if at all possible.

Michael Harvey (founder of Back to Church Sunday) argues convincingly “We need to consider that success is in the act of inviting, not in how the individual we invite responds.” So the call is to pray, invite, pray some more, but to be willing to leave the response in God’s hands.

The downside is tiny (it’s very unlikely that an invitee will be offended!) and the upside is immeasurable (God may well be including you in building his Kingdom and to change someone’s eternity!)

The services themselves will each be designed to help our guests feel welcome and at home and able to observe or participate in the service with confidence.

Extra invitations are available at the reception desk. I would be delighted if we needed to print more for next Sunday!

Pastor David